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Salam online Service is providing high performance access to the global Internet via Salam Online network. Global IP Transit Service provides non-overbooked internet access to domains throughout the world via highly redundant Internet backbone and our many peering partners. Our solutions provide ISPs, content providers, carries and other organizations with high speed, high-quality connection to the internet on a global basis through access to our entire BGP routing table. The service is delivered via our private, low latency and low packet loss fiber optical network, which provides connectivity key Internet hub across Asia Pacific, America and Europe. When you choose Salam Online ISP, you are guaranteed a reliable partner for whom quality always has the highest priority. We measure our service with official quality parameters such as availability, round trip delay and packet loss.

We stand apart from our competitors in many areas, but key differentiators include.

Our customer connections are dedicated and non-oversubscribed.
Our diversity from traditional carriers enables redundancy for customer data.
Our simple network structure allows for rapid provisioning.
Our ‘self-healing’ ring architecture design minimizes outages.
Salam Online is Smart Business & Home Internet


Our Values


BGP Routing.
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack.
Access to Tier 1 domestic and international IP networks.
A large number of direct peering relationships.
Shortest possible path to top traffic destinations.
On-net Akamai and other content distribution networks.
Fast support and greater control over network traffic.
Designed for superior performance and high throughput.
Above industry standard SLAs.
Scalable – solutions for 1Mbps through to 10Gbps.
Robust high-speed backbone

Secure Connectivity

We ensure Secure Connectivity for our Client. We don't Compromise With Security. Customers happiness is our first priority.

Committed Bandwidth

We ensure committed bandwidth for what you are paying. No shared bandwidth. Customer’s happiness is our first priority.

Maximum Uptime

We have designed our infrastructure in such a way so that customer can get maximum uptime for Internet.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service team is ready to serve you for 24/7 for solving all of your Internet related problem.


Satisfied Client's

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