Affiliate Marketing

Course at a glance

  • No. of Classes/ Sessions: 20
  • Total Hours: 60
  • Class Schedule: 8.00 PM – 9.00 PM

Course Outline: Affiliate & Email Marketing 

Module 01: Practical SEO (Duration: 15Hrs)

  1. What is Search Engine & Why we use Search Engines
  2. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Why does my website need SEO?
  3. Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO?
  4. The Importance of Networking The necessity of Branding & Exposure
  5. Can I do SEO for myself or my business & Order of SEO
  6. Introduction to Keyword Research
  7. Getting to know about On-Page Optimization
  8. Knowing about Link Building or Off-Page Optimization
  9. Idea on Content Optimization
  10. Learning about competition analysis
  11. Making list of guest blogs using targeted searching codes in Google
  12. Apply exact codes in Google to find out thematic Blogs for commenting

Occupation Specific Skills (practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  1. Doing Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner, LongTail Pro, KWFinder
  2. Writing or implementing the most important tags or elements for On-Page optimization purpose
  3. Analyzing keyword competition or your competitor using tools and proper rules
  4. Building links for your site using Web 2.0
  5. Creating links for the money site through Link Wheel
  6. Practicing Social Bookmarking to allow more exposure of your links online
  7. Commenting on niche/topic related blogs to maintain relevancy and get good quality links
  8. Practice answering questions in Q/A sites like Yahoo Answers/Quora

Module 02: SMM Basics (Duration: 5Hrs)

  1. Introduction to Social Media
    1. – Social Media denotation
    2. – Variation between Social Media and Traditional Media
  2.  Concept of Marketing on Social Media
    1. – Social Media Marketing Goals
    2. – Activities on Social Media Marketing
  3.  Applications of Facebook
    1. – Profile
    2. – Group
    3. – Event
    4. – Business Page etc.
  4.  Contents displaying policy of Facebook on News Feed Area by using Edge Rank.
  5. Applications of Twitter
    1. – Personal Account.
    2. – Tweet (denotation of Tweet)
    3. – Message

Occupation Specific Knowledge (trade theory) –Compulsory

  1. Targeting and identifying audience based on Facebook Platform.
  2. Analyzing the Business Competitor by using  Facebook Advance Search to know their  Present condition and strong parts.
  3. Creating daily Content Plan by using powerful  message/links/image for Posting on your  Facebook Business Page.
  4. Case Study of Wrong HashTag Marketing to  know properly how people missed the whole  marketing plan or how people use the plan on  Wrong section.
  5. Running a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign (overall concept).
  6. Analyzing Business Competitor on Twitter to know about their present marketing strategy.
  7. Case Study of HashTag Marketing on Twitter  to know how brands are using Hashtag now a  days.
  8. Case Study of Wrong Messaging Steps to  know how people spamming through  message marketing.
  9. Specimen of Wrong Follow Marketing to know  how people following rapidly without targeted  audience.
  10. Traditional Marketing Presence on Twitter  Platform to get response on twitter through  present local market customer & Running a Twitter Marketing Campaign properly (step by step concept)

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  1. Creating a Facebook Personal Account by  Using your personal information’s & Fixing your Facebook Account by Adding  Profile Picture, Cover Photo etc
  2. Filling out Facebook Accounts about Section  by passing work and education history & Setting up Privacy Setup Options of a Facebook Account to secure your personal account and getting full power of your account.
  3. Adding Friends on Facebook Account by  using location, age and gender search & Organizing Facebook Accounts friend list by adding them on specific group.
  4. Creating a Facebook Group & Maintaining a Personal Facebook Group and  Fixing setting area for that group.
  5. Creating a Facebook Event for any real event  or virtual event & Attending on a Facebook Event
  6. Creating a Facebook Page on the base of  Business Category & Setting up your Business Page by providing your whole business information (Address,  Description, Phone, Email, Vanity URL,  Profile Photo, Cover Photo etc)
  7. Maintaining Your Facebook Business Page
    1. – Daily Posting.
    2. – Likes
    3. – Review
    4. – Invitation
    5. – Engagement (like, comment).
    6. – Message.
    7. – Insight Section.
  8.  Increasing post reach to expand sales by using Facebook HashTag Marketing & Facebook Page Marketing to target competitors customer and category  Relevant customers to increase sales.
  9. Facebook Group Marketing to  increase brand popularity and sales  Percentage.
  10. Applying for a Facebook AD to find other  people who are likely to be interested in your  product or service
  11. Maintaining your Facebook AD by checking  daily ad report.
  12. Modifying your Facebook AD –After checking  report, if you think any modification is needed  then we can modify our AD from Report section.
  13. Creating a Twitter Account by providing Name  And Email Address and making it appealing by passing a powerful keyword including bio, profile photo and cover photo.
  14. Getting response by Twitter HashTag Marketing.

Module 03: Affiliate Site Creation by WordPress (Duration: 6Hrs)

  1. Basic idea about domain and hosting
  2. Brief idea about WordPress
  3. In-depth idea about WordPress themes and plugins
  4. Idea about Header, Footer, Menu, Category, Tag and widget management
  5. Proper way of user creation and management

Occupation Specific Knowledge (trade theory) –Compulsory

  1. Domain pointing to hosting server to make a relationship with domain and hosting
  2. Adding domain on cPanel using “Addon Domain” to make a bridge with the domain
  3. Installing WordPress using cPanel with 1-click installation method
  4. Uploading and installing Themes
  5. Installing important WP plugins
  6. Publishing and optimizing articles in WordPress CMS & managing the SEO plugin

Occupation Specific Skills (practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  1. Using Akismet and Disqus to moderate comment section in WordPress
  2. Setting up automatic WordPress backup with free WordPress plugin
  3. Setting up Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics using WordPress CMS
  4. Implementing WordPress Security using codes and plugins

Module 04: Affiliate Product Marketing (Duration: 16Hrs)

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing, the initial concept of Affiliate Marketing
  2. Why we will choose affiliate marketing
  3. Begin Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer. Getting started with step by step guideline.
  4. How You will Choose An Affiliate Marketing Hub? The most current issues you need to consider.
  5. Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. A case study focusing the most Affiliate Marketing Mistakes.
  6. How Much An Affiliate Marketer Earns?
  7. What The Startup Costs Are, An Estimated idea considering all the setting up costs to get started.

Occupation Specific Knowledge (trade theory) –Compulsory

  1. Taking proper initiatives that Pays the Affiliates
  2. Classifying the types of Affiliates according to its category
  3. Focusing The Most Common Affiliate Sales Network Who Are Already Dominating in the Industry.
  4. Analyzing the competition to understand the current market condition and taking the very best initiative in accordance with
  5. Adding attractive, eye-catchy, traffic driven Compelling Content

Occupation Specific Skills (practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  1. Finding comparatively less competitive Niche and setting up your campaign
  2. Determining the core features of your campaign along with market research
  3. Getting Started With Your Money Website ensuring all the key attributes.

Module 05: CPA Affiliate Marketing (Duration: 9Hrs)

  1.  What is CPA and CPA marketing? The beginners’ guide to get started.
  2. Most Considerable Issues which will inspire you to choose CPA as a profession.
  3. Classifying the types of CPA according to its category.
  4. Focusing the most common and well established CPA Networks who are already dominating.
  5. Choosing the best CPA offers to promote, the easiest and quickest way to turn around.
  6. All about CPA networks and best options
  7. CPA Payment withdrawal methods
  8. Strategy for CPA marketing
  9. How Much Do CPA marketer Earn?
  10. Why so many CPA marketers failed
  11. No.1 fear in CPA marketing
  12. An introduction to PPC
  13. Importance of keywords for your campaign success
  14. Earning proof of effective CPA marketing
  15. The idea on Global Rate Per Click

Occupation Specific Knowledge (trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Choosing the best offers from your active CPA network to generate successful lead
  • Setting up your domain and website based on different offers of your network
  • Preparing and setting up your CPA campaign back office
  • Getting traffic to your CPA offers:
    1. Application of PPC marketing to generate targeted traffic to your offers.
    2. Using the method of article marketing for generating targeted traffic to your offers.
    3. Using slick method for getting traffic to your CPA offers
    4. Application of the Banner Ad traffic generating method to get your targeted visitors
    5. Lead generation process using social media marketing
  • Exclusive training on:
    1. Finding the best scholarship/insurance offers
    2. Scholarship flyer master class
    3. Finding the best Dating offers
    4. Finding the best sign up offers
    5. Scholarship flyer master class
    6. Outsource and auto pilot your CPA
  • Learn the application of building up a killer landing page
  • Application of Email Marketing method to promote your CPA offers

Occupation Specific Skills (practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Setting up your domain & website to promote your offers in different formats.
  • Application of Classified ad posting and checking how effective it is to get your targeted email list.
  • Practical demonstration of how a CPA campaign is run and seeing the return results.

Module 06: E-mail Marketing (Duration: 6Hrs)

  • Email Marketing defined
  • The key components of an email marketing plan
  • What you need to know to succeed
  • Strengths of Email Marketing
  • Weaknesses of Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Best Practices

Occupation Specific Knowledge (trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Defining goals and objectives of an email campaign.
  • Structuring Effective Email Messages: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Planning and creating email campaigns
  • Trigger emails, timing & frequency

Occupation Specific Skills (practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Creating your Mailchimp account
  • Calculating your monthly costs
  • Activating your account with initial setting up process and exploring the Mailchimp dashboard
  • Creating your Mailchimp mailing list
  • Creating your first Test Campaign
  • Creating Forms in Mailchimp
  • Writing effective Call To Action

Module 07: Using Google Analytics (Duration: 3Hrs)

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Discussion on:
    1. Dimensions
    2. Metrics
    3. Sessions
    4. Users
    5. Page views
    6. Pages/Session
    7. Session Duration
    8. Bounce Rate
    9. New Sessions
    10. Goals
    11. Conversions
    12. Campaigns
    13. Acquisition
    14. Behavior

Occupation Specific Knowledge (trade theory) –Compulsory

  1. Adding Site to Google Analytics & Implementation of Tracking Code
  2. Using the Customization feature in Google Analytics
  3. Using the Google Analytics Admin
  4. Using Google Analytics Goals

Occupation Specific Skills (practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  1. Working with the Real-Time section in the Google Web Analytics Tool
  2. Hands on practice on the Audience section of Google Analytics
  3. Working with the Google Analytics Acquisition Reports to Know Where People Are Coming From
  4. Using Google Analytics Behavior Reports to Optimize Your Content


Price: TK. 15,000

(Excluding VAT & TAX)